June 30 – August 1, 2014

Dev Dev: Summer of Code

The application period for 2014 has concluded.

A coding and design summer program for students between 12 and 18 years old living in the Chattanooga area.

About Dev Dev: Summer of Code

The Summer of Code program is held on the second floor at the Public Library in downtown Chattanooga. The program is divided into four units, each one focused on a specific technology.

Unit 1


The first unit focuses on Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the most important language of the web. HTML helps shape our content, expose its meaning, and make it accessible to any device. Summer of Code students will learn the basics of HTML, with a focus on semantic markup.

Unit 2


Another unit is dedicated to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS allows us to style our content, further enhancing its meaning through layout, color, and typography. Students will gain the skills necessary to apply styles to their HTML and make their websites both attractive and easier to navigate.

Unit 3


This unit introduces students to Javascript. Javascript is a programming language that allows developers to manipulate data on the browser, including the HTML and CSS already loaded on the page. This opens up a world of interactive possibilities and is the foundation for web applications.

Unit 4


The final unit of Summer of Code focuses on Robotics. Students will get a crash course on this topic using Arduino.

Summer of Code Schedule

The camp will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions held Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the downtown branch of the Chattanooga Public Library. Students’ acceptance letters will inform them which session they have been selected to participate in.

Morning Session

9:30am – 12:30pm

Afternoon Session

1:30pm – 4:30pm

2014 Camp Tuition: $250

Because of our amazing instructors, rocking robots, and killer Chromebooks, the actual cost to host Dev Dev: Summer of Code each summer is $600 per student. However, thanks to the generous support of the Benwood Foundation, the tuition for Summer of Code 2014 has been reduced to just $250 per camper.

Scholarships Available!

25 scholarships are available for this year's program. These full scholarships are made possible by the Benwood Foundation. All applicants are eligible to apply to receive a scholarship, though scholarship priority will be given to students from schools participating in the Public Education Foundation's 1:1 technology pilot.*

Please note: The scholarship essay question near the end of the Summer of Code application below must be completed to be eligible for a scholarship.

*East Lake Academy (Middle), Calvin Donaldson Elementary, Howard High School, Red Bank Elementary, Red Bank Middle School, and Red Bank High School

Bright Spark Logo

Bright Spark is another program being offered this summer at the Chattanooga Public Library. It's a week long workshop led by Bridge Innovate which will focus on the fundamental elements of design thinking based on IDEO’s Design Thinking methodology. We thought students interested in DEV DEV summer of code might be interested in checking it out.

Visit the Bright Spark website to learn more and sign up

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About Dev Dev

Dev Dev is a partnership between engage 3D, AIGA Chattanooga and The Chattanooga Public Library. Funding for the Summer of Code program is provided by The Benwood Foundation.